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Extension of cooperation between Kruitbosch and Westerman

Extension of cooperation between Kruitbosch and Westerman

Family firms Kruitbosch and Westerman Multimodal Logistics have signed a new five-year cooperation agreement. With this they continue their cooperation, which has now lasted for 18 years.

With the renewal of the cooperation, both parties express their trust in each other. Bernard van Dieren, Sales Director at Westerman says: “In the past 18 years we have worked together with Kruitbosch on smart logistics. As a partner, Westerman has been able to move with the growth of the Cortina and Alpina bicycle brands. Together with Kruitbosch, we have made process improvements year on year, setting up a reliable service for Kruitbosch’s customers.”

Bert Nieuwenhuis, supply chain planning manager at Kruitbosch, also expresses confidence in the cooperation with Westerman Multimodal Logistics. “In the coming years, we want to add innovative elements to our cooperation together, which is part of our new agreement. These elements should help our customers even more in the future. In addition, together with Westerman, we want to make great strides in the field of sustainability.”

~ January 15, 2024 ~