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About us

About us

Westerman always seeks the most optimal logistics solution for its customers. We do this by offering a multimodal service, i.e transport by water, rail, or road. We also carry out distribution in the Netherlands and several other countries in Europe. With our warehouse, we facilitate the needs of our customers for storage, cross-docking, and delicate order picking.

The starting point is to provide a sustainable, high-quality, and efficient service for our customers.

At our barge&terminal in Hasselt, the container flow to and from Rotterdam and Antwerp is organized and monitored on sustainability. Of course, this service can be a supplement to our warehousing services. The service allows us to manage your total stock. Our up-to-date warehouse ensures proper management. For example, you can view the status of your inventory at all times.

We would also like to see if we can further optimize your chain together through our Value-Added-Logistics services. A team of over 40 enthusiastic and trained assemblers and mechanics are at the aid of the VAL-bicycle industry. This team enables us to offer a very explicit service to our customers in this industry. But we also like to think along with other enterprises in other industrial environments.

In terms of transport flows, we like to look for the most efficient and sustainable solutions. For example: offering intermodal options to Sweden. By combining road and rails, we can also achieve a considerable CO2 reduction for you.

Within Benelux and Germany, we use our fleet to provide high-quality distribution to both business addresses and directly to consumers.